Delivery To The Food Bank

Rotarians are delivering the truck full of food collected AND over 1300 dollars in cash - all provided through the generosity of our community of St. Stephen - thank you! I couldn’t stop smiling when this delivery arrived! 🤩 Thank you SO much to the St. Stephen/Milltown Rotary Club for the very successful food drive they held for us today! We received an impressive 548LBS of food & $1355.00 in monetary donations! 🥳
We are beyond thankful!
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Food Bank Drive

Rotarians are at the Super Store today to collect food items for the Volunteer Food Bank - we want to 'fill the truck' and all donations, including cash and gift cards, will make members in our community 'less hungry' - food insecurity is part of so many families in our community.
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Rotary Run Walk

Posted on Sep 24, 2023
Run WalkThe 2023 Rotary Run to Fuel Young Minds brought smiles to many faces - congratulations to all winners - our sponsor shirts looked wonderful - Rotarians can't do what they do without that tremendous community support!
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Guest Speaker Bronwyn Tanner

Rotarians were pleased to welcome St. Stephen Middle School principal Bronwyn Tanner today as she gave us details on the outdoor activity/playground that we supported with a significant cash donation. She also spoke with our environmental committee member about the importance of programs that recycle clothing while assisting those who need a helping hand.
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Multicultural Association of Charlotte County

Our guests from the Multicultural Association of Charlotte County - both Aura and her young son -captivated members as she both informed us about welcoming programs for immigrants to our county and asked questions about Rotary and its role in our community.
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Earth Day Paint Swap

Rotary in St. Stephen honoured Earth Day with a Paint Swap that kept some paints from the landfill - an effort of our Environmental Committee.
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Rotary Supporting Neighbourhood Works Steve Loates 2023-04-03 03:00:00Z 0
Supporting Boys Soccer in St. Stephen Steve Loates 2023-03-20 03:00:00Z 0

Donating Books for the Library

Margie Marraty, the assistant librarian at the St. Croix Public Library, spoke at our club today about choosing the 25 books for children and youth that we have donated.
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Stuffed Animals for the Hospital

Our club with another busy day focusing on community caring. As part of an annual program here are the club donations of stuffed animals to the Charlotte County Hospital for assisting children cope with their health visit/stay.
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Super Draw

The Rotary Super Draw sales of only 350 $100 tickets support local youth sports teams, youth groups, children in need and service organizations such as Rotarians Reaching Out to Read, We've Got Your Back, Hospice of Charlotte, Charlotte County Hospital Foundation, Transition  House, Volunteer Centre Food Bank, and Dial-a-Ride.
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Toy Drive

Toy DriveAnother successful toy drive for Charlotte County in the wind and the rain - a little warmer than last year, but not by much smiley.
Thank you to Mark Downey, Charlotte98.1fm for there ongoing support and promotion and special thank you to Canadian Tire for allowing us to set up by their front door and Cox Electronics for the use of their awesome truck.
And, of course, the volunteer team of Rotarians - Mark, Les, Tom, Tina, Richard, Kelly, Steve - AND the amazing generosity of toy donors.
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Rotary Clothing Swap

The St. Stephen - Milltown Rotary Club "Clothing Swap" in cooperation with Neighbourhood Works has been a tremendous success offering free clothing to everyone who needs it. 
St. Stephen has a sizeable homeless population and that those people need clothes, particularly coming into winter. There are also many newcomers to the area from the Philippines, Mexico and Cuba who also need warm clothing for winter. Only winter clothing was available for this event but we are already looking at doing another event in the spring offering summer wear.
The free clothing event took place on Wednesday, November 2 and Wednesday, November 9th at Neighbourhood Works, 59 Union Street in St. Stephen.
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Halloween Fun

When we are not helping out in the community we love to have fun.
Celebrating laughter, creativity and friendship a great time was had by all during our Halloween lunch meeting today.
More photos of all the shenanigans here
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World Polio Day

World Polio Day saw members of the St. Stephen-Milltown Rotary Club planting (this is year number 4) 'End Polio Now' tulips in the three flower beds next to the walking trail in downtown St. Stephen.
You can view more photos of the event here.
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Helping To Refurbish

President Ken MacTavish made a $2000 presentation to the Campobello Island Consolidated School towards their green space refurbishment project recently, all part of the Rotary Club's community support of 'green ventures'.
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Darlene McDonald and the Roots of Empathy Program

Rotarians welcomed Darlene McDonald of the Roots of Empathy Program to their Monday meeting.

She explained how the program works to help build empathy in young children as they watch a baby grow and learn - all this in a supervised classroom setting with a trained facilitator.

The club then presented her with a $1000 donation to assist in the training of a facilitator for St. Stephen. Learn more about the program here.

Darlene McDonald and the Roots of Empathy Program Steve Loates 2022-10-03 03:00:00Z 0

Fill the Truck Food Drive

Food DriveAnother successful 'Fill the Truck Food Drive' held at the SuperStore by Rotarians on a bright and sunny Thursday. Many thanks to the extremely generous people of Charlotte County who contributed both food items and cash to assist the Volunteer Centre's clients.
Shout out to St Stephen Superstore for allowing us the space to do it, Rotarians & friends of Rotary who volunteered.
Together we collected 160 kg and $1191.11 in money and gift cards at the 3rd Harvest Food Drive!
Thank you all!
Fill the Truck Food Drive Steve Loates 2022-09-22 03:00:00Z 0

Compost Bin Giveaway

The community, Rotary and the Environment working together.
75 compost bins went out in just 30 minutes - surprising and pleasing everyone - thank you for the environmentally friendly response and the generosity - we collected $362 for the food bank while providing service on a lovely sunny day 🙂
Thanks to Canadian Tire, Kent for the bins, thanks to 98.1 Charlotte FM and St. Croix Courier for the promotion, thanks to all the generous participating drive-in customers, thanks to the Rotarians who made this a wonderful team effort.
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Reaching Out To Read

Since 2017 the club has supported the Rotarians Reaching Out to Read program through Public Health.
We provide 70 to 100 books yearly through our St. Stephen-Milltown Rotary Charity Inc. for reading with babies and young toddlers aged 3 to 24 months in the St. Stephen and St. George area. 
Public Health nurses give books to at risk moms and babies in their home visiting program.
The goal is to promote literacy and improve long term outcomes for at risk children.
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Supporting The Library

Supporting the LibrarySince 2009 the Rotary Club of St. Stephen-Milltown has gifted the children's section of the local St. Croix Public Library with a book in honour of each speaker or presenter that addressed our club meetings.
In the 14 years since then we have donated 187 books, each chosen by the library to add to known favourite reading by local children in grades 1 through 8.
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